European Roulette

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In the European Roulette game, you have to guess in which of the 37 chambers the ball will land. You can place different bets, so for example you can bet on numbers, on odd or even, on colors and on combination of numbers. There are 37 numbers, number 1 to 36 and there is a zero in a green chamber, the chip must be placed on the individual number or on the combinations. There are different variations. For example a chip can be placed on 2 adjacent numbers on the line dividing the 2 numbers.

This is called a split bet, or you can place a corner bet, corner bets cover 4 numbers. Then you have to place the chip in the cross where the 4 numbers intersect. The minimum bet on the fields is 3 and the maximum bet is 200. It’s an amusing and exciting table game and you can win very big profits, if you make the good choices. Play European Roulette for free or with real money online. Just place your bets.

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