Zoom Roulette

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Zoom Roulette is a table game and this game is very exciting to play. In the Zoom Roulette game you have to bet at least 3 euros, otherwise you can not spin the Wheel. The different in Zoom roulette is, that the Wheel is constantly in the foreground, and if the Ball stops, this also enlarged. Before you start you have to place the chip on a number(s) on the roulette table, after that, press the start button. If you want to play the same number(s) in the next game, then you have to press the repeat button. There are 9 different ways to place bets in the roulette game. It’s very exciting and entertaining to play this game and with some luck it’s possible to win big amounts. For example, if you bet on one number, your payout will be 35x if you win, bet on 2 connected number and your payout will be 17x and on 4 numbers in a block you will win 8x your bet. Try Zoom Roulette for free or with real money online, and have a good time.

Category: Roulette